Stanislaw Frenkiel Fine Art


The Fall of the City , 1990 Oil on Canvas

He likes to place sedate grandiose architecture beside the tensions and dichotomies of every day life…He plays with space like a virtuoso.
Helen de Borchgrave, Arts Review, 1985

It is all there – in that viscous decay of the body, too potent not to soil its glory and yet impotent to display its conceit.
Pierre Rouve, Arts Review, 1981


Judith, 1980 59 x 77cms Oil on Canvas

The Three Fates, 1993 91 x 72cms Oil on Canvas

Behind the clamouring palette are intimations of an intense, reined-in passion. Each canvas seems at first to be a rejoicing, but in the midst of the exuberance, joy suddenly abates like music falling silent and giving way to the anguish concealed beneath the laughter…
L’Echo de la Bourse Brussels 1980