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Stanislaw Frenkiel (1918-2001) RWA

Stanislaw Frenkiel was a genius of the 20th century. A figurative expressionist painter, a graphic artist and the author of a series of important essays on art – his work is marked by a passion for the magic which lies at the core of all great art.

Distortion, incongruity, ambiguity and paradox create in each painting an unsettling world where love and death, joy and fear dance recklessly through the short pageant of life.

But this is not a dark expressionism. The dancers and the acrobats, the butchers and the chefs, the freemasons, the prostitutes, the doormen, waiters, magicians, charlatans, the masters of ceremony – even the killers, all those who people his canvasses are fired with euphoria, lit with a blissful energy and determined to confound the lurking presence of death.