Stanislaw Frenkiel Fine Art


Soothsayers, 1983 123 x 93cms Oil on Canvas

“a convulsive symphony of colour and distorted forms to which Frenkiel contributes a personal dynamism, a surge of baroque emotion.”
Paul Caso Le Soir Brussels 1980
“ a grim and grinning parade of the monstrous regiment conjured by Frenkiel, master of violent meditation”
Pierre Rouve, Arts Review, 1981

Christ Mocked by Soldiers, 1995 91 x 70cms Oil on Canvas

Green Tango, 1993 50 x 29cms Oil on Canvas



The exaggerated masks donned by his acrobats and gondoliers, dancers and trapeze artists, sorcerers and gypsies, reveal a metaphysical unease usually concealed.”
Helen de Borchgrave, Arts Review, 1985