Stanislaw Frenkiel Fine Art


Masked Girl, 1983 102 x 76cms Oil on Canvas

No outline intervenes in the direct dialogue of the brush and the canvas on which he lays rich, abundant colour, dense and expressive, creating a setting for the interplay of satire and tragedy.
Pourquoi Pas Brussels 1980

Marvellous paintings, these – full of bravura, action and wild colour.
Brian Wallworth, Arts Review, March 1977

The Catwalk, 1983 148 x 126cms Oil on Canvas

Too High, 1992 148 x 88cms Oil on Canvas

Where other expressionists end, Frenkiel begins… forms that had degenerated are now regenerated. And the tool for this redemption is the most material of all means: colour…. Frenkiel’s painting comes full circle: his canvases become at the same time terrifying and purifying.
Pierre Rouve, Arts Review, 15th December 1973